'Vindman did his duty -- and Bolton is trying to sell a book': Republican goes off on unfair standards
John Bolton appears on ABC (screen grab)

The contrast between Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and former national security adviser John Bolton couldn't be more stark, according to Republican Amanda Carpenter.

During a CNN panel discussion, Carpenter unleashed on Bolton for refusing to do what's right to make money while Vindman followed the rules.

"What about John Bolton, who has left so many people in this administration out the dry by hiding in silence," Carpenter said. "He is the one who told people like Fiona Hill to go talk to the lawyer when they saw wrongdoing, and people at OMB who resigned over the Ukraine hold. Vindman testified to Congress and was subpoenaed -- he was performing the duty, and meanwhile, John Bolton is out there waiting to sell a book apparently."

She explained that she never expected Republicans to do the right thing, but was hoping Bolton would.

At some point, I expect senate Republicans to not do anything, but John Bolton seems to know better and he is still keeping the mouth shut and letting it happen," she closed.

See the video below: