WATCH: James Carville launches epic rant obliterating the myth of Trump's invincibility
Image via MSNBC.

On an MSNBC panel on Saturday, legendary Bill Clinton strategist James Carville laid down why the emerging media consensus that President Donald Trump is a lock for a second term is wrong — and how to beat him.

He began by dismissing the significance of the recent Gallup poll showing Trump at 49 percent approval.

"Yeah, yeah, come on. Let's start from the beginning here," said Carville. "All right, let's have the election before we announce the results. That's always a good idea. Number two, you can go through any — and you got — one poll outside — if you look at the polling average, it's not that great. 55 percent of the people in this country don't want Donald Trump to be president. It is up to the Democratic Party to provide that nominee that fills in that 55 percent."

He argued the best candidate to do that was his co-panelist, Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO). "If you want to say, well, your crowds wasn't that big, to hell with that, we've got to go to post-Tuesday, we're going to take a shot," said Carville. "The next thing we're going to do is we're going to count the votes and see where we are. I think we're going to do better than people think. I think we're building things up."

Carville noted that, regardless of the nominee, Democrats need to spend less time attacking Trump's character and his ego, and more time going after the horrific things he's actually doing as president.

"The Republicans laugh at us because they ran through every issue that people don't like, from giving tax breaks to rich people to ignoring climate. He went to Davos, Donald Trump went to Davos and said he wanted to cut Medicare, and where's the discussion about this? But all I hear from — 'oh, he's so powerful.' Why don't we go out there? Why don't they cover that he went to Davos to talk to all of these global elites and after he gave them all trillion dollars tax cuts, he said I'm going to get the money by cutting Medicare for people back in the United States. And the Democratic Party is too stupid to say anything about it, and the press is so worried about the horse race that they don't even report it."

"So we're going to get in the middle of this thing," said Carville. "We're going to do an intervention and Sen. Bennet, we're going to come out of here strong."

Watch below: