'You took an oath': Jay Sekulow claims Constitution says senators should 'stand firm' and acquit Trump
Jay Sekulow speaks on Senate floor (CNN/screen grab)

Jay Sekulow, an attorney for President Donald Trump, said on Monday that the Constitution requires U.S. senators to "stand firm" and find the president not guilty of high crimes.

During closing remarks in Trump's Senate trial, Sekulow reminded senators that they "took an oath" to the Constitution and that they vowed be impartial jurors.

"This is what the American people expect," Sekulow said. "I simply ask this body to stand firm today. Protect the integrity of the United States Senate. Stand firm today and protect the Office of the President. Stand firm today and protect the Constitution. Stand firm today and protect the will of the American people and their vote. Stand firm today and protect our nation."

"And I ask that this partisan impeachment come to an end," he added, "to restore our constitutional balance. For that is in my view, and in our view what justice demands and the Constitution requires."

Watch the video below from CNN.