‘That's what he said?’ CNN’s Jake Tapper can’t believe Trump shrugged off his responsibility to procure medical supplies

After President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act this Wednesday, Democrats have called on him to utilize its powers. But that same day, Trump said that he wasn't willing to do that just yet.

Speaking on CNN this Thursday, Jake Tapper wondered why Trump would be hesitant to move forward.

"Why not?" Tapper asked CNN White House correspondent Boris Sanchez.

"That is confounding, Jake," Sanchez replied, adding that "it's unclear what he's waiting for."

"We're hearing reports of shortages of very basic medical supplies lacking in emergency rooms," Sanchez continued before a clip was shown from an earlier press conference where Trump said that "governors are supposed to be doing a lot of this work," adding that the federal government is "not a shipping clerk."

"We're not a shipping clerk?" Tapper said incredulously. "That's what he said about the need to get supplies to doctors and nurses?"