'A five-alarm fire for Donald Trump': Veteran reporter says Michigan primary is 'really ominous' for GOP
President Donald Trump responds to a question about Jussie Smollett (Screen cap).

Veteran reporter Tim Alberta has done some digging into the numbers of Tuesday night's Michigan Democratic primary -- and has found news that he thinks should be deeply troubling for President Donald Trump.

Specifically, Alberta says that the turnout surge in the Michigan Democratic primary in Livingston Country is "a five-alarm fire for Donald Trump" and "really ominous" for Republicans hoping to hold onto the White House this fall.

Livingston has traditionally been a very conservative county that would seem like an unlikely place for a surge in Democratic votes -- but that's just what happened on Tuesday.

"In Tuesday’s Democratic primary, there were 27,458 votes cast in the county -- compared to 17,591 four years ago," Alberta writes in Politico. "For Democratic turnout to jump 56 percent in any affluent, well-educated suburb is incredible; for it to happen in a deeply, fundamentally conservative place like Livingston County is astounding."

Alberta says that the surge in Democratic turnout would be worrying enough for the GOP if former Vice President Joe Biden hadn't also vastly outperformed Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign in key demographics.

"Last night proved it beyond doubt: Joe Biden is no Hillary Clinton," Alberta writes. "And that may be enough to take down Trump."

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