A single show-of-hands from Trump-supporting Wisconsin voters explains why the GOP is in big trouble
Photo: By Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock

An interview with Donald Trump Jr. with Axios reporter Jim VandeHei was held with a group of Republican Trump supporters in a Wisconsin bar and grill. At one point, VandeHei asked the crowd if they place their loyalty to President Donald Trump higher than their dedication to the Republican Party. Every person in the audience raised their hand.

During the impeachment trial, many pundits couldn't understand why Republicans were unwilling to stand up to the president. If Republican voters now support Trump over the GOP, it's clear there is no way to escape the Trump following and the far-right of the party.

The first Trump son explained that people are only responding to it because his father is delivering on the GOP platform. He also claimed that his father gave Republicans the license to stand up for themselves, which ignores the entire tea party movement.

Trump Jr. also said that his father had shown the difference between a politician and a businessman, "a businessman knows how to negotiate."

Trump hasn't been able to renegotiate many of the things he promised would be "easy" to do when he came into office. Even his most recent announcement of a peace agreement with the Taliban was cut short. According to U.S. intelligence, they never intended to follow the agreement.

When asked about many of the mistakes Trump made in his first term about hiring people he later trashed. Don Jr. said that his dad "is now figuring it out," after three years in office. "I do think there is a learning curve."

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