Arizona cop fired after 'air freshener' citation of Black driver
Phillip Colbert, the so-called "air freshener criminal" (Photo: Screen capture)

La Paz County sheriff's deputy Eli Max, who pulled a man over for an air freshener in Sept. 2019, has officially been fired.

Sheriff’s Captain Curt Bagby said in an email that the deputy was fired on Feb. 19 and is appealing the decision, so he can't make any further statement at this time, The Phoenix New Times reported.

Phillip Colbert, a young 22-years-old Black man, faced off against Deputy Max and recorded the incident. It quickly went viral with over 60,000 views and outrage ensued.

Colbert was on his way to meet his father for lunch when he notices the deputy tailing him. He stayed under the speed limit and the deputy continued to follow him for about 10 minutes, according to Colbert. He ultimately pulled the young man over for his air freshener hanging from his mirror.

You can see the video of the Sept. 2019 incident below: