Bernie Sanders 'conserving resources' by pulling ads – denies he is suspending campaign
New York, Jan 05, 2016. Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont speaks during a campaign stop at the Town Hall Theater in New York City. photo by Trevor Collens

The Bernie Sanders presidential campaign is reportedly working to conserve its resources by taking down digital ads. The move comes just after Sanders' poor showing in Tuesday's Democratic primaries, all three of which he lost to Joe Biden.

The Sanders campaign pushed back on tweets saying he was suspending his campaign, after an Axios report stated he was suspending his campaign's Facebook ads.

Sanders' campaign manager Wednesday morning said the Senator will head back home to Vermont after a Senate coronavirus vote and would be talking with supporters to "assess" his campaign.

"Bernie Sanders' campaign has pulled down its digital ads this morning, shortly after announcing the senator will be assessing the campaign," New York Magazine's Gabriel Debenedetti reports. "He's in DC for coronavirus votes, then will return to Vermont to figure out what's next. In the meantime, they're 'conserving resources.'"