Biden advisors say top Dems like Warren, Harris, Rice, Buttigieg, Booker, Yates could have big roles in administration
Joe Biden (Marc Nozell/Flickr)

While former Vice President Joe Biden is focusing on winning the Democratic nomination his advisors and confidants are putting together the foundation of what a Biden administration might look like.

"Biden advisers describe a Return to Normal plan — a reversal of President Trump's unorthodox, improvisational style. Biden wants known, trusted people around him — many from the Obama years," Axios reports. "Biden, a throw-back institutionalist, relishes an emphasis on governing, norms and restoring alliances. That includes respect for experts, and for the art and science of governing."

That all may be critical to the future of the nation if the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow, killing people while destroying world markets, supply chains, and public confidence in the systems that keep nations together.

Biden's advisors say it is important that his a vice president be a woman, an African American, or both. Some are hoping he would pick Senator Elizabeth Warren as his Vice President, which would "excite party progressives."

Other possible VP choices include Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Cory Booker, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Pete Buttigieg would be expected to be asked to be Ambassador to the United Nations, or U.S. Trade Representative.

Those concerned with the coronavirus pandemic will be pleased to know Biden's likely Chief of Staff would be Ron Klain, who served in that role when Biden was Vice President, and also for V.P. Al Gore. Klain was President Obama's "Ebola Czar," and is a frequent cable news guest discussing the current coronavirus crisis.

Other possibilities for some key cabinet positions, per Axios:

  • John Kerry would love to take a new Cabinet position devoted to climate change, or might even accept a curtain call to return as secretary of state.
  • Susan Rice, formerly President Obama's national security adviser, is another option for State.
  • Mike Bloomberg, who swiftly endorsed Biden after the former mayor's campaign collapsed, would be a top possibility to head the World Bank.
  • Sally Yates, the deputy attorney general under Obama who stood up to Trump and was fired, would be a leading contender for attorney general.
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren as Treasury secretary could help unite the party.
  • Jamie Dimon — chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, and mentioned over the years as a potential presidential candidate — would also be considered for Treasury.
  • Anne Finucane, vice chairman of Bank of America, is another possibility for Treasury.