Bill Barr will not win his fight with 'no-nonsense' Judge Walton after Mueller report slam: Ex-prosecutor
Attorney General William Barr (Image via screengrab)

On Saturday's edition of MSNBC's "AM Joy," former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner tore into Attorney General William Barr in light of his recent rebuke from federal District Judge Reggie Walton calling him untrustworthy and calling for the release of the unredacted report from former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

"From the Department of Justice, this is their response," said anchor Joy Reid, putting their written statement on the screen. "'The court's assertions were contrary to the facts. The original redactions in the public report were made by Department attorneys, in consultation with senior members of special counsel Mueller's team, prosecutors in U.S. Attorney's Office, and members of the Intelligence Community ... The Department stands by their work, as well as the Attorney General's statements and efforts to provide as much transparency as possible...' is that credible to you when the actual report came out was so different from what William Barr said?"

"No," said Kirschner. "The statement issued is kind of laughable. I was most offended when she asserted what the judge said is 'contrary to the facts.' What Bill Barr has been saying all along is contrary to the facts. And I do not think Judge Walton is going to take this sitting down, or he's going to back down."

"Let me tell you real quickly, Joy," added Kirschner. "Judge Walton is something of a lion in D.C. criminal justice circles, because he was first appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1981 and reappointed by George H.W. Bush, to the Superior Court bench, where I got to try murder cases in front of him. He did that for 20 years before joining the federal bench by appointment of George W. Bush. And then Chief Justice Roberts appointed him to the FISA court, where he became chief of the FISA court. He's serious, legendary, he's no-nonsense. In a battle between Judge Walton and Bill Barr, my money is on Judge Walton."

Watch below: