Bloomberg campaign insiders reveal how Elizabeth Warren single-handedly destroyed his presidential bid
Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren (Photo: Screen capture)

A new report claims that billionaire Michael Bloomberg's failed presidential campaign died on the day that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) infamously ripped him to pieces during a Democratic debate.

Sources who worked on the campaign tell The Nation's Ken Klippenstein that campaign volunteers actually quit after seeing their candidate get eviscerated by the Massachusetts senator.

"Just about every one of [the volunteers] said it was because of the debate performance or the NDA scandals," one former volunteer tells Klippenstein.

Another campaign staffer, who describes Bloomberg supporters as "Bloombros," tells Klippenstein that many supporters felt humiliated in watching their candidate getting gutted by a woman on stage.

"The people who liked Mike initially didn’t care about the sexual [harassment] allegations or stop and frisk, but they got turned off because they thought he made himself look weak and that he had let Warren walk all over him," the staffer explained. "I had to organize [a] debate watch party... The whole bar was full of Bloombros. You could just feel everyone getting silent and awkward whenever Warren tore into Bloomberg."

Warren's public smackdown of Bloomberg also made life significantly more difficult for canvassers.

"Ever since the first debate all of us faced a ton of hostility [when knocking on] doors," a field organizer explained to Klippenstein. "I once had a woman chase me back to my car demanding that I say you can’t buy the presidency."

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