Christian blogger says God is using the coronavirus to push women 'back into their homes with their children'
Closeup portrait of a young woman praying. (Shutterstock)

Despite it’s rising death toll, the deadly coronavirus pandemic has a positive side. According to evangelical fundamentalist Lori Alexander (author of the 2016 book “The Power of a Transformed Wife”), the self-isolation measures imposed and encouraged by leaders in the United States will encourage women to be full-time housewives rather than working outside the home.

On her Facebook page, the far-right blogger/author wrote that coronavirus is “pushing a lot of women back into their homes with their children — which is a good thing, in my opinion.”

Separately, in a March 10 article that was posted her website, The Transformed Wife, and headlined “Fear the Coronavirus,” Alexander makes the ludicrous claim that coronavirus isn’t a threat to children.

“Mothers of young children, you can rest assured concerning this virus since no children from zero to nine have died from it — and most children have mild cases of this,” Alexander asserts. “It seems to mostly be killing the elderly and those with health problems. The average of death from the virus is 80 years old.”

During the coronavirus pandemic, health experts have repeatedly urged people to wash their hands frequently. But Alexander is rejecting that advice.

“I am not a hand washer since I’m not afraid of germs,” Alexander writes. “I have dry skin, and I greatly dislike the feel of dry hands. Yes, I wash my hands after using the restroom, but I have never thought about washing my hands after going shopping or out and about. I don’t use hand sanitizer.”

As of early Tuesday afternoon, March 17, coronavirus had killed — according to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore — at least 7519 people worldwide, including 2158 in Italy, 988 in Iran and 509 in Spain. But Alexander considers porn to be a greater problem than coronavirus.

“Many of the things going on in our culture — abortion, children being allowed to change genders, pornography, sex trafficking of children, and so on — are (much) more destructive to our culture,” Alexander insists. “Maybe God will use this virus for good. Our culture needs a good wake-up call.”

In a video that has been posted on her YouTube channel, Alexander has argued against women having jobs outside the home — claiming, “God is clear in his word that he wants young women to be keepers at home, and older women are to be known for serving and loving and caring and raising up children and helping people. There’s nothing about having a career in the Bible.”