CNN did not air Trump’s comments during Coronavirus Task Force briefing —  only experts

An uprising around the country has encouraged cable news networks to stop airing President Donald Trump's daily press conferences. Critics say they have turned into government-sanctioned rallies where the president merely pats himself on the back.

CNN head Jeff Zucker said that he intends for the network to continue covering the briefings.

“We might take it from the top and then cut away after the first lie, and return when the lies stop,” one cable-network producer told The Daily Beast Monday.

During an all-staff call, Zucker argued that it's important for viewers to hear critical information from the administration's health experts. The problem, however, is that there is very little news coming out of the briefings. During one briefing Trump heralded company CEOS. During Monday's briefing, Trump allowed the My Pillow Guy to overflow with praise for the president and say that the country was blessed by God to have Trump.

“It’s a very difficult decision,” Zucker remarked. “As of now, we are going to continue to carry those briefings.”

When the briefing began on Tuesday at about 5:30 p.m., however, CNN was not airing the briefing. Once Trump was finished with his statement, CNN turned to the briefing for the experts.