Coronavirus has finally broken Trump's 'reality distortion field': CNN's John Avlon
CNN's John Avlon debunks lies told by President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

CNN's John Avlon on Tuesday said that coronavirus has finally broken President Donald Trump's ability to lie his way out of a crisis.

During his latest "Reality Check" segment, Avlon explained how Trump's usual approach to handling crises had completely failed in the face of a global pandemic.

"President Trump's superpower is his reality distortion field -- he can convince himself and many of his supporters that facts don't matter," Avlon said. "It turns out that his kryptonite is coronavirus. Because Trump's four-step formula -- deny, distract, deflect, and divide -- doesn't have any positive impact on this pandemic or the American people."

He then noted that Trump's somewhat more restrained performance at Monday's press conference was a seeming acknowledgement that he can't bluff his way out of the crisis as he bluffed his way out of getting impeached for trying to shake down the Ukrainian government to launch an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden.

"It is the belated realization he can't hype his way out of the problem," Avlon said. "The facts are bad and will get worse. That's in large part because the test kits the president promised were available to anyone who wanted one were not available and still not widely available."

Watch the video below.