Doctor bashes Trump's claim 'we have control over' the coronavirus: 'This was really disassociated from reality'
Donald Trump appears in the White House Cabinet Room during meeting with health insurance CEOs (Youtube/Screen grab)

President Donald Trump told the nation Sunday afternoon that everyone should "relax" about the coronavirus.

"It's a very contagious virus," he said. "But something we have tremendous control of."

Just moments later, Dr. Anthony Fauci corrected the president's comments, saying, "The worst is, yes, ahead for us."

Zeke Emmanuel, a former health policy adviser for the Obama administration, said that he wouldn't issue a diagnosis, but that "this was really disassociated from the reality that we're seeing out there. And he does not seem to be listening to the experts that he has."

While he was grateful to hear the White House finally may have control over testing, they didn't say anything about social distancing, which will help stop the spread of the virus.

"Time is of the essence here and the sense of urgency -- I didn't hear it from the task force or from the other people," he said.

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