'Fast and furious': CNN's Sanjay Gupta sounds the alarm on now-accelerating coronavirus spread among medical professionals
Sanjay Gupta appears on CNN (screen grab)

On CNN Tuesday, Dr. Sanjay Gupta revealed the disastrous toll coronavirus is already taking on doctors and hospitals.

"I'm about to let you in on a conversation I've been having with some of my colleagues here in Atlanta, at the Emory hospitals," said Gupta. "I want to preface by saying, look, what you're hearing over the last 24 hours, 48 hours is pretty concerning, alarming. We're going to get through this pandemic. We're going to get through this. It is going to take time, but we thought we would give you an idea of what doctors are facing in hospitals now. I would like to bring in my colleague Dr. Carlos del Rio, who is the dean of Emory at Grady Hospital. We have been colleagues for a long time, traveled around the world together."

"Carlos, good morning," he continued. "You and I were emailing throughout the night as well. And I thought I might just start off by sharing a little bit. Certain things I can't share, but some emails came in last night, guys, this is happening, we're now seeing droves of patients being admitted with COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. Nine doctors now sick with 20 more expected tomorrow. The nine doctors who are sick tested positive for the coronavirus."

"The advice that the doctors were giving to their colleagues, to us, Carlos, tell your friends to hunker down and take this quarantine very seriously," said Gupta. "You replied, this is happening fast and furious. Look, we have been talking about this for a long time. The anticipation of these patients coming to the hospitals."

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