Federal workers angered as Trump admin subjects them to a ‘confusing jumble’ of coronavirus messages: report

As the coronavirus health crisis continues to spiral, the nation's federal agencies are starting to feel its impact as dozens of its employees have tested positive for the virus, all while hundreds if not thousands of government employees have been forced to self-quarantine. According to POLITICO's Nolan D. McCaskill, a plan from the Trump administration to address the problem is nowhere in sight, and the result is a confusing jumble of messages that has angered federal workers and those who represent them.

“We’ve been getting a lot of mixed information. The president has put out different information, then OMB puts out guidance, and then the DOT secretary puts out guidance and then the FAA administrator puts out guidance,” national president of Professional Aviation Safety Specialists, Mike Perrone, told McCaskill. “Nobody said nothing for how many hours? And they knew about it?” Perrone added. “I’m frustrated — very frustrated — because literally people are gonna get sick and people could potentially die or spread it to their families.”

McCaskill writes that there's currently no clear directions for federal agencies on reporting infections within their ranks, causing some to undershare their cases to others releasing daily reports on their numbers.

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