Former high-ranking DOJ officials file Supreme Court brief in Trump financial records case
Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal (screengrab)

Former Solicitor General Neal Katyal tweeted out a recently filed Amicus Brief signed by him and other former high-ranking Justice Department officials on the case involving President Donald Trump's financial records.

"As former officials charged with defending the prerogatives of the Executive Branch while providing candid, independent, and principled legal advice to the President, amici have a strong interest in ensuring that our constitutional system of separation of powers strikes the proper balance between the three branches of government and remains stable across administrations," the brief reads. "Amici submit this brief to offer their informed perspective on the scope of the President’s responsibility to cooperate with congressional investigations, and to explain why President Trump’s and the Solicitor General’s arguments in this case threaten the Nation’s system of checks and balances."

Katyal noted in a tweet that it wasn't merely former Democratic officials behind the brief, former acting Attorney General Stuart Gerson, appointed by George W. Bush, also signed onto the brief.

The Trump administration has blocked all subpoenas by the House of Representatives, while also saying that the courts have no business enforcing subpoenas and they can only be enforced during impeachment.

Read the brief here.