Fox News calls out Trump for ignoring his own virus advice: 'He's glad-handing this entire rope line'
Donald Trump shakes the hands of supporters in Florida (Fox News/screen grab)

Hosts of Fox News on Monday noted that President Donald Trump is refusing to take his own advice when it comes to preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

As Trump arrived in Florida Monday morning, live video showed the president shaking hands with enthusiastic supporters.

"In this era when shaking hands is a no-no for many people, the president is not showing any concerns about that at all," host Jon Scott noted. "He's glad-handing this entire rope line."

"Remarkable!" co-host Sandra Smith agreed. "Here's the president just touched down and the DOW selling off 1,600 points."

Trump recently told Fox News that the practice of shaking hands is not advisable during a pandemic.

"I always felt the concept wasn't good," the president explained to Fox News last week. "You read a lot of medical reports [and] it's not good now."

Watch the video below from Fox News.