Fox's Laura Ingraham buried for telling fans 'It's a great time to fly' during coronavirus outbreak
Laura Ingraham speaking at the Values Voter Summit, photo by Gage Skidmore.

On the eve of President Trump declaring a national emergency in response to the growing coronavirus epidemic, Fox News host Laura Ingraham thought it'd be a good time to take to Twitter and post the following tweet:

"Great time to fly if not in at-risk population!" Ingraham exclaimed. "This is ⁦@united to ORD—new plane, wonderful flight attendants, passengers wiping down everything. (Some of us always did this when traveling!) #USA"

Unsurprisingly, the comment thread beneath Ingraham's tweet opened up with people completely baffled as to why she'd be so openly tone-deaf in the midst of an exploding health crisis.