GOP senators say they 'don't need to quarantine' after lunch with Rand Paul: 'We'll be praying'
Mitt Romney speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill (screen grab)

Republican senators on Sunday reacted to the news that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

In a statement to reporters, Romney said that he was praying for Paul, who has decreased lung capacity due to recent injuries.

"And of course, all the senators are going to seek medical advice as to what action we should take," Romney said before admitting that he and other Republican senators had lunch with Paul two days earlier.

"We have to determine whether any of use should self-quarantine as a result being in the same room," the senator added.

But just minutes later Sen John Kennedy (R-LA) insisted that doctors had told him that he does not have to quarantine himself away from others.

"We're getting advice so far from the attending physician's office that we don't need to quarantine," Kennedy revealed.