Gov. Cuomo: Trump's reckless quarantine remarks 'panicked' people into leaving New York City
Andrew Cuomo holds press briefing on coronavirus response (NBC/screen grab)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) revealed on Sunday that "panicked" New Yorkers told him that they are planning to leave the state after President Donald Trump threatened to "quarantine" surrounding areas.

Cuomo made the remarks a day after Trump said that he was considering a quarantine before backing off the threat.

"You want to do it in a way that doesn't create more fear," Cuomo explained. "You're fighting the virus and you're fighting the fear. I can't tell you how many people called all night long about the mandatory quarantine comment that the president made as he was getting into a helicopter."

"People are so on edge, I mean it really panicked people," he continued. "They were going to leave the city last night. Really. You need to manage that fear and the panic. And you also need to deal with the virus."

Watch the video below from CNN.