Internet demands to know where 'reliable' Dr. Fauci is during Trump's coronavirus briefing: 'I don't trust Trump'
Dr. Anthony Fauci (MSNBC)

There was one face that was suspiciously absent from Sunday's press conference on the coronavirus threat: Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The expert who has been beside the president for weeks and attempted to calm a nation was caught in an awkward moment Saturday when President Donald Trump attacked the State Department. Fauci rubbed his forehead and shielded his face from the cameras. Whatever it was, it appeared to be a "face-palm" moment responding to the president.

It's unknown if that's the reason Fauci was missing from today's briefing. It could also be that Fauci has been working around the clock on the coronavirus response, and he may have simply needed a day off.

The question "Where is Fauci" was trending nationwide as the press conference came to a close.

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