Kentuckians get together to hold a 'coronavirus party'
Child wearing a coronavirus mask (Photo: Shutterstock)

The number of coronavirus cases in Kentucky has now jumped to 163, with 39 new cases on Tuesday.

And according to the Courier-Journal, not all of these cases may have been accidental — Gov. Andy Beshear (D-KY) is announcing that at least one of the cases is linked to a "coronavirus party" in which people gathered together to deliberately spread the disease amongst themselves.

It is unclear why, exactly, anyone would want to deliberately infect themselves at a "coronavirus party." But regardless of the reason, it worked.

Beshear condemned the practice sharply, warning residents not to take part in similar events.

"Anyone who goes to something like this, may think that they are indestructible," he said in a statement. "But its someone else's loved one that they are going to hurt ... This is something that no one should be doing across the commonwealth."