MAGA fans go wild as coronavirus hits blue states: 'Dems are dumb enough to get sick to make Trump look bad'
Young Donald Trump supporters. Image via AFP.

Fans of President Donald Trump on Twitter over the weekend put forth theories about why reports of the coronavirus have been mostly confined to states controlled by Democrats.

Officials at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) said on Saturday that there are at least 71 cases and one death in the U.S. from the virus, which is known as COVID-19.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar confirmed on Sunday that one new case has been identified in Chicago. Several hours later, the CDC said the first case had been found in Rhode Island.

Those come in addition to cases in other left-leaning states like California, Massachusetts and Oregon. Several so-called red states -- Wyoming, Texas and Arizona -- also reportedly have patients with the virus.

On Twitter, the president's supporters speculated why the majority of cases are in blue states.