Major earthquake strikes north of Boise in Idaho -- measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale
An earthquake struck northwestern Iran killing at least four people and injured 70 on November 11, 2019. (AFP)

Shortly before 6 p.m. Mountain Time, a large earthquake struck Idaho.

"At 5:52 p.m. Tuesday, the Idaho and states throughout the Northwest were rattled by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake, according to the USGS," KTVB-TV reports. "The USGS reports that the epicenter was west of Challis and 73.3 miles north of Meridian."

The quake was also felt by people in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington.

[caption id="attachment_1607793" align="aligncenter" width="593"] USGS shake intensity map[/caption]