Media must stop waiting for Trump to 'become president' -- and instead expose his failures: Yale epidemiologist
President Donald Trump rants in the White House Rose Garden (Screen cap).

Gregg Gonsalves, an epidemiologist who works as an assistant professor at Yale School of Public Health, hammered the mainstream media on Tuesday for continuing to wait for the moment when President Donald Trump starts acting presidential instead of documenting his lethal failures during the coronavirus pandemic.

Writing on Twitter, Gonsalves criticized CNN's Brian Stelter for posting what amounts to theater criticism of Trump's performance without objectively evaluating the many missteps the president has already made.

"This is EVERYTHING that is wrong with media reporting on Donald Trump magnified, made all more dire because it is happening in a pandemic," he wrote. "What are you people smoking?"

Gonsalves then said that no one needs to wait to see how Trump responds in the coming weeks to the disease, as there is more than enough evidence that his bungled response is costing American lives.

"The point is that he has failed consistently, abjectly since December to address coronavirus," he wrote. "The 'signs' of this are as big as the HOLLYWOOD sign in Los Angeles. Hundreds of thousands of people will die. Seriously folks in the media, are you still waiting for the moment when Donald Trump 'finally becomes presidential?' This is a world-historical failure unprecedented in modern American history and you can't see what's before your very eyes."