NBA suspends all basketball games -- after OKC Thunder vs. Jazz delayed from player illness
(Photo: Screen capture)

The Oklahoma City Thunder were scheduled to play the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night, but players went back to the locker room with some kind of illness, delaying the game.

With packed stands in Oklahoma City, the teams emerged only for Rudy Gobert and Emmanuel Mudiay to have problems. Gobert touched a microphone to make a point about the coronavirus. He's been ill since.

Thunder vs. Jazz game is being delayed with questions surrounding Rudy Gobert and Emmanuel Mudiay sickness keeping them out of tonight's lineup. It hasn’t been officially called, but players walked off the floor and back to their locker rooms.

The game has officially been proposed and the announcer said: "you're all safe."

UPDATE: The NBA officially announced hours later that it was suspending all basketball games for the rest of the season.

See the video below: