Pentagon enacts 'social distancing' rules for reporters by adding space between chairs at presser
Pentagon enacts social distancing in briefing room to deal with novel coronavirus (Barbara Starr/screen grab)

The Department of Defense is enacting new "social distancing" rules in an effort to prevent reporters from spreading the novel coronavirus.

CNN's Barbara Starr tweeted a photograph of the Pentagon briefing room, where reporters' chairs have been spaced several feet apart.

In recent days, the Pentagon has also relaxed its rules to allow civilian employees to work from home in some cases.

The Military Times reported on the Pentagon's social distancing efforts:

At the Pentagon, officials have begun “social distancing” measures. On Monday, Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s regular meeting with senior staff, which normally would be held face-to-face in a single room with 40 to 50 participants, was broken up into three rooms, with video-teleconferencing among the rooms, according to the Pentagon’s chief spokesman, Jonathan Hoffman. He said Esper and the 15 to 20 people in his room, including Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sat at least 6 feet apart, in line with health guidance.