Rapper Dee-1 and bounce artist Gotty Boi Chris release songs taking aim at coronavirus
Rapper Dee-1 (Screen Shot)

COVID-19 can't stop the music.

Yesterday, two coronavirus-defiant songs by New Orleans hip-hop artists started circulating on social media — showing New Orleans is gonna stay New Orleans through this pandemic.

Emcee Dee-1 released "Corona Clap" late Monday, remixing the New Orleans classic "Nolia Clap" by UTP (rappers Juvenile, Wacko and Skip). Dee-1 raps about a range of latest coronavirus news: Cheap flights ("Tickets to Jamaica only 15 bucks"); quarantining; NBA canceling its season; schools and churches closing; and store shelves emptied of toilet paper ("Man that corona wild / you can't wipe yo' butt no mo'").

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