Rick Wilson blows off Trump's latest 'flavor of the week' chief of staff with hilarious takedown
Rick Wilson appears on CNN/Screenshot

fOn MSNBC Saturday, former GOP strategist turned Never Trump commentator Rick Wilson predicted that Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) will not last long as White House chief of staff.

"Donald Trump has replaced Mick Mulvaney, his chief of staff, with another member of the Freedom Caucus, Mark Meadows," said host Joy Reid. "One might remember him as a Birther, as somebody who said he was going to send Barack Obama, quote, 'home to Kenya,' and as somebody who can't run for reelection in his seat in North Carolina because the Moral Monday movement and the NAACP succeeded in court at making fair redistricting, so he needs a job ... what do you make of his prospects as being a better bet than Mulvaney?"

"You know, 'everything Trump touches dies' was initially a throwaway line that I made, but it is a law of political physics now," said Wilson. "Mick Mulvaney's departure was always inevitable. He had lost power six months ago. Mark Meadows will be the flavor of the week, and the cycle will always continue. He will say one thing or do one thing the president didn't like, he'll be out, the president will find some guy at the bus station and bring him in as the next chief of staff, and again and again and again."

Watch below: