Senator Martha McSally annihilated by her voters in reviews for her Senate offices
U.S. Congresswoman Martha McSally speaking with supporters at the 2018 election eve rally hosted by the Arizona Republican Party at the Yavapai County Courthouse in Prescott, Arizona. (Gage Skidmore)

Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) was appointed to fill the seat of the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) after his recent death. In just two years, McSally has garnered some unfortunate reviews by her constituents back home.

Brian O. in Tucson, AZ wrote on Yelp that he wished he could give lower than a one-star review because she isn't representative of the state's people.

"'Senator' McSally (a title that I grant to her on the loosest of definitions), not only has intentionally neglected her oath but has insisted on going in the complete opposite direction of aforementioned oath," said Brian O. He went on to say that it put Americans at risk by enabling an "unqualified" president.

"I would like to suggest that Ms. McSally read the Constitution, for it appears, by her actions, that she has a 'dog-eared Cliff Notes' comprehension of the document," he said. "And, Ms. McSally, I am sure that you can get it as an audible so that you can listen to it repeatedly until the understanding of the gravity of the situation that she and the rest of your party has put on our nation."

Bernita, an Arizona artist, blasted McSally for refusing to take a position on the Rosemont Mine when she was running for office. Now that she's in office, Bernita said she hopes McSally will side with the judge in the case. The mine has raised concerns about copper pollution hurting the environment.

"Why is it that only the Ds are concerned about the environment?" asked Bernita.

"Martha McSally did nothing for her district when she was a congresswoman, too bad she has been advanced to the senate to do nothing for all of Arizona," said user "d col," who gave McSally just one-star.

Mara similarly said she had a hard time getting to McSally for help.

"I try calling her Tucson office and Washington office, the boxes are always full," she posted on Google Review. "Get someone to answer! If it requires working beyond 9-5 to answer the phone do it! We are your constituents. You were voted into office to hear us and represent us. You can not do it if you do not listen. Do not repeal the ACA, fix the problems. Southern Arizona needs health care."

Tucson veteran Cheryl O. said that she had two open cases with the Senate office that McCain was helping her with. McSally's office said that the McCain people destroyed all of the records and McSally's people didn't know anything about it.

"I have tried 5 times to have someone call me about an issue I am having with the VA here in Tucson, AZ," she said. "Each time I call her office I am asked for the same information which I provided by e-mail in the first telephone conversation to request aid. It is a shame that her office is giving me the run-around. I wonder how many other veterans have had this happen when reaching out to our elected official?"

Others demanded McSally hold a town hall and some merely gave her one star.

While there are supporters of McSally's outside of Arizona, some thanked her for standing up in support of President Donald Trump.