Stephen Colbert shows people how to change a bike tire -- but it doesn't go exactly as planned
Stephen Colbert changes a bike tire (Photo: Screen capture)

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert is on a break as the coronavirus spreads through New York and New Jersey. So, he took a moment out of his social-distancing to fix a bicycle tire in his garage.

According to Colbert, it's part of a series he hopes to inspire about things he knew how to do when he was a kid, but has now forgotten as an adult.

Colbert began by trying to take the tire off of the bike. That's when things got dodgy. The bike has a quick-release tire that should be easy to remove, but when Colbert had to un-hinge the tire from the chain there was some pain involved.

"And look at this! Oh, that hurts. Ow! Ok, that's not how to do it," Colbert shouted.

He then explained to folks that they should have a flat-head screwdriver and a wrench. The screwdriver can be used to help get the tire off of the wheel.

"Do I have a pump?" Colbert asked once he got the new tube around the wheel. "I do have a pump. I see my pump. Do I pump it up a little first? I can't remember. Is it like a car tire where you want to lower it before you tighten the nuts? Is there some order that this is supposed to happen in."

He then set out to find the instructions on the tube box.

Watch the hilarity below -- which includes tales from his youth about bike stunts he would do with his friends.