Symone Sanders and Dr. Jill Biden take down anti-dairy protestor at Joe Biden rally

Senior communications advisor Symone Sanders jumped on stage to take down an anti-dairy protester at a California rally for former Vice President Joe Biden on Super Tuesday.

Waving a "Dairy Must Die" sign, a woman rushed the stage, chased by what appeared to be a tall white man. Someone else managed to make it back onto stage, when Sanders jumped into action.

Known for her quick wit and expert debates against Republican commentators on CNN, Sanders' proved she's got the chops for campaign protests too.

A campaign Facebook page for Direct Action Everywhere appears to make this a regular thing for them. At Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) rally, they got their time with the Senator, though it wasn't while they were on stage in the middle of their rally.

MSNBC's Brian Williams noted Dr. Jill Biden's fierce response, where she physically blocked the protester, and put herself in front of her husband. Co-host Rachel Maddow called it a "wax-on-wax-off" move from the "Karate Kid." In fact, Biden lunged at the protester with cat-like reflexes while her sister-in-law also put herself between the protester and the vice president.

While living in Washington, Dr. Biden was known for darkening the doors of a gym near the Naval Observatory many, many times. Dr. Biden stands 5'6", but dynamite often comes in small packages.

A Parody account has of course already been started titled Jill Biden Fight Club @JillBidenFight.

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