The View hammers Gingrich for agreeing with GOP claim nurses will abandon work to get unemployment checks
Newt Gingrich on The View (Photo: Screen capture)

"The View" hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin blasted the myth that nurses won't want to work to help with the coronavirus crisis if the stimulus bill increases the unemployment benefits.

It was revealed Thursday that there have been more than 3 million unemployment claims even before the stimulus bill had passed. Prior to the coronavirus crisis, the unemployment rate was 3.5 percent, so the idea that people will want to be unemployed isn't holding up to the evidence.

Goldberg called it outright "insulting" to assume that nurses would rather sit at home than fulfill their chosen profession and help people. But Newt Gingrich agreed with the claim.

"Sure. As a practical matter, you have to -- as I understand it -- there's one part of this where you can actually make more money not working," said Gingrich. "That's not a very good incentive."

"That's so disrespectful," Goldberg said.

"I think when you have a problem on the scale, you're going to have some things that aren't quite right and you might be able to go back and fix later," Gingrich rambled on. "They did the right thing to pass it. They did the right thing to pass it 96 to 0. get it to the president. I hope he'll sign it tomorrow night or Saturday morning because the country needs to have a feeling that we are as a country can move and we can get things done. This is the third bill in a row they have passed now in three or four weeks which is a good sign. I think we have to take a deep breath, evaluate all this."

"Lindsey Graham should be ashamed of himself," said Goldberg.

"It just seems to me the suggestion that nurses who are on the front line are not going to work and sacrifice the way that they have because they're going to be making a few hundred dollars more is ludicrous, but that's just my opinion," said Hostin.

"It's insulting! Lindsey Graham should be ashamed of himself to say something like that in the middle of all of this," Goldberg agreed.

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