'This coronavirus situation has become a bigger threat to President Trump than impeachment': Conservative
President Donald Trump (CNBC)

Conservative CNN commentator David Gergen said Sunday that the coronavirus is stacking up to be a more significant threat to President Donald Trump than impeachment ever was.

In a discussion with host Ana Cabrera, Gergen explained that the Republican-led Senate was always there to protect the president from any kind of accountability. With the coronavirus, people's lives are at stake, and Trump is playing down the crisis. This is the president's first moment where he is being forced to handle an emergency, and it's clear he's not doing well.

"I must say, Ana, that I think they should be listening more closely to Dr. Fauci in Washington and the people around him who have been arguing very, very vigorously that if you are an older person, and especially if you have underlying conditions, you are very, very vulnerable," said Gergen. Fauci is a leading expert on infectious diseases and serves on Trump's task force.

"The fatality rate for older people who have this, who become infected, is much higher than it is for people under 60," Gergen explained. "So, I think, frankly, after this coming Tuesday, they really, everybody ought to scale back and treat this as the national emergency it's becoming."

"I must tell you that after the Trump administration did -- it was underappreciated for what it did in the early days when they held the Chinese away from the country -- they deserve more credit than they got," he went on. "But since then, it's been chaotic, there have been a lot of tensions, they've moved slowly, and I think the way this is building now, this coronavirus as a story, as a political matter, has become more dangerous to Donald Trump than the impeachment."

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