'This is crap': Right-wingers beat down James O’Keefe over video downplaying virus as ‘just the flu’
James O'Keefe speaks to personel at virus testing site (Twitter/screen grab)

Fringe provocateur James O'Keefe got a surprise on Twitter after he posted a video claiming that COVID-19 is "just the flu."

In a "breaking" video posted on Tuesday, O'Keefe speaks to someone identified as a "Army National Guardsman."

O'Keefe is seen speaking to the person -- who is wearing an N95 mask -- through a car window.

The alleged guardsman repeatedly points out that he is not a doctor.

"It's just the flu?" O'Keefe asks.

"That's all it is," the person responds.

"There's basically telling me it's just a bad flu," O'Keefe remarks.

The video did not go over well on Twitter, where O'Keefe was mocked for downplaying the virus.

Read some of the tweets below.