Tour company refuses to refund low-income students $4,000 each after dream trip is cancelled over virus
Black students listen in class (Shutterstock)

A group of low-income students in Chicago are out $4,000 each after their trip to Greece was cancelled over concerns about the novel coronavirus.

Block Club Chicago reported that students from South Side school had scheduled the trip for spring break in April.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the Chicago Teachers Union revealed that EF Tours had refused to refund the students' money.

"How's this for callousness?" the union tweeted. "We got a call from Simeon today. 13 students planned to go to Greece for Spring Break. They all paid $4,000 to @EFtours, a CPS-approved tour company. CPS is wisely grounding the trip due to #coronavirus. BUT THE COMPANY WILL NOT REFUND THE MONEY."

According to Block Club Chicago, the union said that the refusal will be devastating to "black children at a school that is more than 90 percent low income."

The Chicago Teachers Union later said that the union would reimburse the students even if EF Tours would not provide a refund.