'Trump makes Bush sound like Churchill': Anger spreads amid 'embarrassing' coronavirus national emergency announcement
President Donald Trump in the Rose Garden (screengrab)

As the coronavirus spread, President Donald Trump, again, tried to calm fears while also announcing he was calling a national emergency. The president called it "two very big words."

It's an odd move because the president has claimed that there isn't a crisis and that the panic is what is causing the crisis.

He also compared it to the Swine Flu, or H1N1, which had a relatively low mortality rate, rate of infection and was not declared a global pandemic.

It is ultimately leading to greater concern that the president isn't clear on the seriousness of the disease.

Trump also appeared to have learned about telemedicine over the course of the past few days. For most Americans, telemedicine has been a practice for years.

As he scrambles for ways to get a tighter grip on the situation, Americans were skeptical and frustrated. It took Trump two months to declare a national emergency for the virus.

Trump welcomed many CEOs of major corporations to say a comment about the work they're doing. They all shook Trump's hand. The president spent the weekend with two people who are now coronavirus positive.

You can see the tweets below: