Trump tells people to buy less stuff amid coronavirus crisis: 'Take it easy. Just relax. We're doing great. It all will pass.'
(Photo: Screen capture)

During his press conference Sunday, Trump attacked the media for giving false information about the Google coronavirus website that Trump said would be available Sunday evening. It likely won't be ready in time and many of the claims Trump made were inaccurate.

"Take it easy. Just relax," Trump said, noting that Walmart said people are buying more things than they do at Christmas. "Relax. We're doing great. It all will pass."

He told people to stop panic-buying amid the crisis. He said that store CEOs are telling him to relay to people that there will not be a food shortage so they shouldn't buy absurd amounts of food out of anxiety.

For children who don't get meals outside of school, however, this could give them false hopes. Many families that are being told not to come into work aren't being paid enough to take care of their children. It's an issue that the House bill deals with, but the Senate took a three-day break and the bill hasn't been passed.

Trump closed his briefing by telling Americans: “it’s a very contagious virus.. something we have tremendous control of."

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