Trump whines his critics aren’t 'playing fair’ after reporter calls out his partisan coronavirus attacks

During a press conference this morning to address the growing coronavirus health crisis, President Trump was asked by ABC's Jonathan Karl about his recent comments where he called on Americans to "put politics aside, stop the partisanship, and unify together" to fight the spread of the virus. Karl then pointed to Trump's subsequent tweets where he attacked state governors and other public figures.

"Are you going to set the example for this?" Karl asked.

"I only do that when I have to respond ... and I will continue to do that," Trump replied. "If they're not gonna play fair -- because you know they have the media on their side and I don't, I just have me -- and if they're not gonna play fair, I'm gonna do that. If they are gonna play fair, there's gonna be nobody better than Donald Trump in terms of bipartisanship."

"I wanted to be bipartisan and nobody's gonna be better than me, but when they attack me, or these incredible people behind me, I'm not gonna let them get away with it," he continued. "I can't do that."