Discussing President Trump's recent comments regarding the coronavirus outbreak this Thursday, CNN's Kaitlan Collins said that Trump's assertion that testing for the virus is going "smoothly" doesn't line up with the observations of a "bipartisan group of lawmakers" who were briefed by Trump's top health officials.

According to Collins, the lawmakers walked out of the briefing "deeply unsatisfied."

"I'm not just talking about Democrats," Collins said. "It was allies of the President -- Republicans who were also saying the President needs to stop saying 'everyone who wants to get a test can get a test,' because they say right now that is not the case."

Collins went on to say that some Republicans were "appalled" by the level of testing currently happening in the U.S. "compared to what's happening in South Korea on a daily basis."

"They say we are just not where we need to be despite the President pushing forward this optimistic message about testing," Collins said.

Watch the segment below: