Trump's new chief of staff brutally burned to the ground by MSNBC's Ali Velshi
White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows (Gage Skidmore/Flickr).

On Saturday, MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi examined President Donald Trump's decision to replace White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney with Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) — blasting Meadows' unfitness for office, but also blasting Trump for attempting to use the appointment as a distraction.

"The chief of staff used to be a powerful job, perhaps the most powerful job in America after that of the president," said Velshi. "But Trump has undermined the position through his penchant for weak power structures that revolve around him. The West Wing has largely been purged of anyone who disagrees with the president. The replacement of the third chief of staff is juicy as far as palace intrigue goes — it fulfills our need for drama — but it is not important. Who the chief of staff doesn't matter anymore. The position no longer wields power."

"Sure, Mark Meadows is uniquely qualified — or unqualified if you will," continued Velshi. "He's a bombastic congressman who made his name as the chair of the Freedom Caucus, who once said that he'd like to send Barack Obama back 'home to Kenya.' This should probably bother you some. It demeans the work of those who have come before him and will come after him. But ultimately, it's a distraction, taking away from the real story."

"Trump is changing our judicial system, decimating the State Department, making foreign policy deals just to see them fail in short order, stymieing efforts to combat climate change, and putting in place medieval immigration policies," said Velshi. "Those things should hold our attention, and have us outraged. So when he says 'look there,' don't. Keep focused on the things that matter. Naming Meadows is a minor league attempt at distraction. If Trump was serious about a chief of staff, Meadows probably wouldn't make the long list, let alone the short list."

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