UK officials in 'genuine disbelief' watching Trump spout constant coronavirus 'disinformation': report
Boris Johnson, Donald Trump -- BBC screenshot via YouTube

Government officials in the United Kingdom are in a state of "genuine disbelief" watching President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

U.K. sources tell BuzzFeed News that health officials in their country have been appalled watching the president spout constant misinformation about the virus, such as when he compared it to the flu earlier this week.

One official tells BuzzFeed that they're just grateful the government's misinformation monitor doesn't have to constantly correct Trump's statements about the virus.

"Our COVID-19 counter-disinformation unit would need twice the manpower if we included him in our monitoring," they explain.

Another official tells the publication that they are particularly stunned at the lack of urgency in rolling out testing kits in the United States, which lags behind badly in testing its citizens.

"There is a general level of incredulity over his comments but especially over the lack of testing,” the official said. "People [in the UK government] are used to the steady stream of tweets, but the last few days have caused more than the usual eyerolling. There is genuine disbelief."