Washington voters angrier at Trump than in any other primary state so far: report

According to surveys in Washington state on Tuesday, Democratic voters are driven by rage towards President Donald Trump — and more so than in any other state that has voted so far.

"Trump provoked rage in 83 percent of voters casting ballots in Washington, according to an NBC News exit poll," wrote Aila Slisco for Newsweek. "A majority of voters in Missouri and Michigan also felt rage towards the administration, with 67 and 63 percent expressing hostility, respectively. Only 49 percent of Mississippi voters felt the same way, the lowest proportion reported in the states surveyed."

"Exit polls from earlier primaries showed that an average of around two-thirds of Democratic voters had hostile attitudes about Trump, with around eight percent saying they had positive feelings," continued the report.

Washington state was unlikely ever to be competitive in a general election. But the massive level of fury towards the president could portend a blitz of Democratic turnout, as well as trouble for Republicans in offices lower down the ballot.