'We don't have anybody up there telling people what to do': Ex-Katrina task force general slams Trump's sluggish coronavirus response
U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré (ret) (Photo: Screen capture)

Ret. Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré chaired the joint task force for Katrina under President George W. Bush's administration, after the administration stepped up their work. In his expert opinion, President Donald Trump isn't doing well on the coronavirus response.

"I don't know if it's a rating, but it's a description: slow and not decisive," Honoré said in his grade of Trump's response. "And it's hard to get the speed you need to save lives if you're slow at making decisions and you're not decisive."

He noted that America is facing an "invisible enemy," something that Trump tweeted out moments later.

"We're not quite sure how bad it is," Honoré continued. "So in that regard, the things they have to do is going to be a little bit harder. But we've got models that we've been having for years that would show from day one, patient number one out in Washington, in 30 days, the projected number of people that might be infected. I don't know why they're not using that information."

Thus far, it has been 48 days since the first person in Washington State was diagnosed as having coronavirus. It took Trump 44 days to declare a national emergency.

"They also could have done better and can do better," Honoré blasted the administration. "My idea here is to give observations, not criticism. It's to establish a priority of work. They came close to establishing one today. It said: testing, prevention, and supply chain. I think on top of that, you have to have caring for the people who are already sick. We have to test, test, test. We have to do more prevention, as we're doing with telling people to stay home."

See his demands for Trump below: