‘What a piece of work’: Biden slams Trump for trying to cover up his coronavirus failures in ‘bizarre’ Fox News town hall
Joe Biden speaks to supporters at a campaign event in New Hampshire (C-SPAN/screen grab)

President Donald Trump has recently been trying to claim that his actions to restrict travel worked despite being opposed by Democrats — a dubious proposition given that confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States are growing faster than anywhere in the world.

On CNN Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden punched back at Trump's claims.

"The president had a town hall on his favorite channel earlier today," said anchor Jake Tapper. "He mentioned you. I wanted to play that for you and get your reaction."

"I made a decision to close off to China," said Trump in the clip. "That was weeks early, and honestly I took a lot of heat. Sleepy Joe Biden said it is 'xenophobic,' I don't know if he knows what that means, but that's okay."

"What a piece of work," said Biden. "What a piece of work. You may recall early on, I said, what we should be doing is sending our experts to China to look inside, not just take the word. We had a person in China that worked for the administration. I think he got fired or got brought home."

"What is he doing?" Biden continued. "He started off, you go back and look at his comments, how China is doing the right thing. China is doing a great thing. China is right along. China is this, China is that. Come on. This is bizarre."

Watch below: