Whistleblowers revealing wrongdoing during Trump administration’s coronavirus response have a key new ally

As an air of secrecy seemingly envelops the Trump administration in the midst of the burgeoning coronavirus crisis, national security attorney Mark Zaid on Monday responded by offering free legal representation to whistleblowers who may have something to say about the government’s effort.

“Too many conflicting reports coming from govt officials re: [COVID-19/coronavirus],” Zaid tweeted. “We need to know ground truth. Whistleblowers please come forward. We’ll provide you pro bono (free) legal representation. We need you now more than ever.”

Speaking to Law&Crime, Zaid, who was part of the Ukraine whistleblower’s legal team, said that he wants to make sure people with information aren't scared of any repercussions if they should come forward.

“Whistleblowers play an important role in every Administration, whether Democrat or Republican. They are particularly needed when the public and oversight officials are having difficulty obtaining crucial information,” he said. “Unfortunately most whistleblowers do not have the necessary funds to risk coming forward, and they often act without receiving guidance from experienced lawyers who can shield them from mistakes and retaliation. We believe strongly in ensuring whistleblowers have every opportunity to lawfully come forward to not only protect themselves but the public as well. Therefore, my law firm and WhistleblowerAid.org make it our mission to help provide free legal representation to whistleblowers whenever possible.”