‘You always want to do Trump's bidding’: Tom Cotton gets shut down as sparks fly in the Senate

During a heated debate on the coronavirus stimulus bill, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) got into a testy exchange with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), where Brown accused Cotton of doing President Trump's "bidding."

During his remarks, Brown accused Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) of skipping town when the House was close to approving a package with sick leave. After Cotton kept interrupting him with inquiries regarding his stance, Brown lost his cool.

"When did the Senate receive that bill from the House?" Cotton asked Brown, cutting him off.

"That's not the point," Brown replied, looking flustered. "The point is that --"

"Will the Senator yield?" Cotton interrupted again. "Will you answer my question? When did the House receive that bill?"

"I don't know the day -- I know it was a day or two later --" Brown continued before Cotton interrupted him again.

"Where has the House been for the last week?" Cotton pressed.

"I know you always want to do the President's bidding," Brown fired back. "I have the floor and I will keep the floor."

Watch the exchange below: