‘50,000 dead!’ MSNBC’s Morning Joe unleashes table-pounding tirade against Trump’s COVID-19 inaction

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough unleashed a furious tirade against President Donald Trump on Thursday after watching footage of the president claiming that it was possible that the coronavirus would simply disappear by the fall.

The "Morning Joe" host said that Trump's rosy predictions about the virus were similar to the ones he made earlier this year when he claimed that the virus would "disappear" in April.

"This is not breaking news!" Scarborough yelled. "How could the president not learn from his mistakes and still ignore his doctors, when every medical person will tell you, the pandemic could be the worst -- the worst! -- during flu season?!"

Scarborough then recounted how the president earlier this year had plenty of warnings about the spread of the disease, but he ignored them in favor of magical thinking about miracle cures.

"Everybody in his administration that this was coming!" he fumed. "Even [trade adviser Peter] Navarro warned him, 500,000 people could die. The president ignored it! He didn't prepare! 50,000 people are dead now because of it, right? He didn't prepare. There should have been a lot less people dead!"

Watch the video below.